Getting Buffalo’s back!

Ken Levine cracks wise from sunny LA:

How many folks from Buffalo just saw the Rose Parade and already have the U-Haul packed for LA? It rains here and we have no NFL team.

Well, being ever the one to stick up for Buffalo when our fair city is besmirch’d, I wrote in Ken’s comments:

I’m from Buffalo, and I’ll happily put up with snow for the even greater peace of mind that comes with being pretty confident that my city isn’t someday going to fall off the mainland. Oh, and that driving to a suburb that’s 15 minutes away actually takes 15 minutes nearly every day (barring accidents) and that every summer I don’t have to wonder which of our suburbs is going to be consumed in the wildfires. Harumph!

(Oh, and our weather on Jan 1 this year? It was 50 and rainy!)

Score one for Buffalo! Hip hip…well, I guess you hadda be there.

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One Response to Getting Buffalo’s back!

  1. Doug says:

    Sounds like the making of a Top 10 list of why not to go to LA. I'm sure apart from weather… Wait they were getting a lot of rain out in CA (mud slides instead of wild fires). Well, I just talked myself out of it. I can't see any reason why to move out there.

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