The Great Bird

It appears that we now know what the Enterprise will look like when Star Trek reboots next year:

Well…I don’t know. I can’t decide yet if I like it or not. It certainly sticks to the classic shape, and the primary hull (the saucer section) looks fine, but the secondary hull (the engineering section) looks too small, squashed even, and the warp nacelles don’t look right to me at all, being too far forward (like you could step off the primary hull and step down onto the nacelles) and sporting that oddly-shaped flare at the front. Plus, the pylons connecting the warp nacelles to the secondary hull are bowed outward, making the ship look bow-legged. I do like the sleeker, wider pylon connecting the primary and secondary hulls, and the deflector dish looks nifty, too. From the presence of shuttlecraft in the picture and the fact that the fronts of the nacelles are dark, I assume this pic is from the ship in a drydock situation. I wonder what color the fronts of the nacelles will be once the ship is flying.

I don’t hate it, but it ain’t this, either:

We’ll see. It took me a long time of watching ST:TNG before I got really used to the Enterprise-D, which I always thought looked awesome from some angles and ridiculous from others. The Enterprise-E looked okay, although I haven’t seen the movies it appeared in enough to have a strong opinion.

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