I lived on a cul-de-sac once….

There was a brief running story in the comic strip Pearls Before Swine a couple weeks back that had the strip’s animal characters commiserating with their creator, Stephan Pastis, on his failure to win the highest award for cartoonists. (Pastis routinely draws himself into the strip; it’s one of many reasons I love Pearls.)

This led to this installment:

And of course, reading that, I had to look up this other strip, Cul de Sac. I’d never heard of the strip before (the Buffalo News doesn’t run it — but we get our crappy reruns of For Better or For Worse, so heckuva job, BuffNews!), but having read through a chunk of archives online, I have a new daily must-read. So thanks, Stephan Pastis! You’ve given Richard Thompson at least one new confirmed reader.

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  1. Nathaniel W says:

    Yes, I love Cul de Sac! I started reading after some newspaper or other ran Bill Watterson's introduction to the first collection. But it should be noted that for people starting to read now that the last two or three weeks (and the next few) are not actually Thompson's work. He's having guest artists fill in instead of reruns.

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