“I wonder why that guy won’t talk to the media!”, or, Great Moments in Buffalo Sports Journalism

Here’s a thing that happened. Last weekend, the Buffalo Bills’ 2014 season ended with the team out of the playoffs. Locker cleanout day was last Monday, and then the team dispersed for the offseason.

Fast forward to this past Saturday, two days ago. Rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins, a high-profile player because not only was he a 1st-round pick but the Bills traded up to get him, sends out this tweet:

This caught the eye of Buffalo News columnist, and eternal claimant to the title of Official Source Of All OBJECTIVE Knowledge In Buffalo, Jerry Sullivan:

There was, as you might expect, a miniature pile-on directed at Watkins for saying that Buffalo is “so boring”.


Ayup. The guy wasn’t even here.

Sullivan wasn’t the only person to offer up an assumption that Watkins was dissing Buffalo as “boring”, but he was, so far as I could tell, the only professional journalist to do so.

I hope he’ll remember this some time next summer or next season when he whines about how Sammy Watkins avoids the media.

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