Inspiring? Moi???

Judith Heartsong has bestowed upon me the Inspirational Blogger Award, which is rather like the Thinking Blogger Award, only it rewards, you know, inspiration. I’m tremendously flattered, inasmuch as I find it amazing anyone would be inspired by my blatherings in this space, but hey, I’ve always found it prudent to undervalue my own contributions to as great a degree as possible. And really, I’m glad that it wasn’t called the Perspirational Blogger Award. (Which, in normal summertime temps, I could win in a walk, to be honest. Hence the fact that I generally never wear the overalls between May and September.)

So where was I? Well, as part of the Inspirational Blogger gig, I now have to name five recipients myself. The following inspire me (as do many others):

:: Belladonna’s Mind Muffins, whose spirit of life-as-adventure (or slapstick!) makes her blog a daily read of mine.

:: Mrs. Mental Multivitamin, whose simple three-word philosophy might have been admired by Moses (it would, after all, have fit onto a single — and smaller — stone tablet).

:: Erin, who likes words.

:: I very much doubt she’ll accept this tag, but I find Dorcasina‘s blogging terribly inspiring, in the face of circumstances that I wish weren’t so.

:: He’d probably think it weird, but PZ Myers‘s fiery commitment to science inspires me.

So there we go. Inspiring, no?

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3 Responses to Inspiring? Moi???

  1. Judith HeartSong says:

    :):):) Congratulations to all, and this is where the awards originated:



  2. Erin says:

    Aw, really? Thanks!!

  3. Mental multivitamin says:

    Many thanks!

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