It’s his gift…it’s his curse.

Becca points out that it’s Lance Henriksen’s birthday. Happy birthday, Frank Black! It really is too bad that Chris Carter never really figured out what he wanted to do with Millennium, but wow, those first two seasons are some brilliant teevee.

At her post, Becca provides five fascinating factoids about Henriksen. Here’s a sixth: he’s a master potter. He used to actually have a site where you could buy his pottery, but that seems to be gone for now. I’d love to sip tea from a Lance Henriksen mug, though!

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1 Response to It’s his gift…it’s his curse.

  1. Becca says:

    Lance Henriksen is such a cool actor and a man of many talents! Holy cow those Alien tiles are really neat! He’s incredibly talented! Thanks for linking the tiles. What a renaissance man!

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