Land of the “free”, home of the “brave”

Land of the free…except for reading what you want to read, teaching your kids what you want to teach, seeking the medical care you and your doctor think you need.

Home of the brave…unless you’re a cop who is “frightened for your life”, or some random person whose doorbell rang or onto whose driveway a car turned.

It may be time to change our national anthem. We’re not anywhere close to living up to it. Problem is, it’s hard to make “Land of white people with guns, home of the scared shitless of everything” fit a tune nicely.


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2 Responses to Land of the “free”, home of the “brave”

  1. Roger says:

    The car turning around is in my neck of the woods. His lawyer is saying that THREE cars turned around in his client’s drieway – probably the kids traveling together – as though this justified shooting at the car, killing a 20 y.o woman.

  2. Roger says:

    Actually two cars and a motorcycle. From the Times Union -
    “FORT EDWARD — Kaylin A. Gillis, the 20-year-old woman fatally shot Saturday evening after the car she was riding in with friends mistakenly turned into the wrong driveway in a rural Washington County town, died after she was struck by a slug fired from the homeowner’s 12-gauge shotgun, according to two people with knowledge of the matter.

    “Kevin D. Monahan, 65, is accused of firing two rounds at the vehicle that had pulled into his residential driveway in Hebron when the young group of friends became lost as they searched for another person’s residence, police said.

    “The lead slug that allegedly killed Gillis is designed to kill large game and is roughly three times bigger than a round fired by a handgun. Monahan likely would not need a permit to possess that firearm, according to multiple law enforcement sources..

    “The unpaved private driveway is not lighted and the only markers are mailbox numbers along the public road. The couple’s home sits at the top of the steep, curving driveway that hides its porch and the front entrance of the house from view. The property has several faded signs warning against trespassing.

    “No one from the group had exited the car or tried to enter Monahan’s house, Murphy said on Monday. But as the car tried to turn around and leave to go back down the driveway, Monahan allegedly came out on his porch and fired twice — one of the rounds struck Gillis.”

    This reminded me of two things. One were the threats I have received working the 1990 Census and carrying petitions for a judicial candidate. And something the hosts of CBS Mornings said about how far we’ve fallen from the imes when you could go to your neighbor to borrow a cup of sugar.

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