Problems of the Tech Kind

So there’s been an intermittent problem with WordPress sites hosted by Ionos, of which this site is one. And the intermittent problem has, in fact, affected this site! Yay!

What happens is that only the front page loads, and nothing else. If you try to load a specific post or go back in the archives, you’ll get one of those “This Domain Is Owned By Someone” screens. So far I’ve had this happen twice and both times the tech whizzes at Ionos fixed it in minutes, but I’m told today that this is a larger issue that Ionos admins are working on solving, so I have to assume it might happen again until the full repair is made.

If you notice that you can’t load a specific post, or the archives go nowhere, please let me know and I will contact Ionos Support as soon as I can.

(Maybe this is my problem…I always skip the exploratory taps….)

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One Response to Problems of the Tech Kind

  1. Roger says:

    Haven’t experience that yet – and I’m forever linking to your stuff – but if I do, I’ll let you know.

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