Random Music….

OK, it’s the 26th, which means I’m out of scheduled posts. I want to post something but I’m still too jetlagged, two days after arriving home, to really come up with something coherent (the reason why will be a post of its own), so here’s what I’m going to post: a randomly selected concerto.

I will be using random.org to roll a die. The results will determine our concerto for today.

Roll One: A violin or a piano concerto? Odd numbers: violin; even numbers: piano.

The roll: 2

A piano concerto it is!

Roll Two: A major-key or a minor-key concerto? Odd numbers: major, even numbers: minor.

The roll: 5

minor-key piano concerto it is!

OK, now the meat of it: what composer shall we hear? I’m going to pick twelve composers who have all written minor-key piano concertos, using this Wikipedia page as my source. Then I will switch from random.org to Google’s dice roller gadget (just search “dice roller” and it comes right up) to roll a d12 to determine our composer. OK? OK!

Here are our composers (this could get awkward if it turns out I can’t find the resulting concerto on YouTube, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it):

  1. Beethoven
  2. Amy Beach
  3. MacDowell
  4. Rachmaninoff
  5. Chopin
  6. Glazunov
  7. Balakirev
  8. Dvorak
  9. Tchaikovsky
  10. Schumann
  11. Brahms
  12. Saint-Saens

Some of these composers wrote more than one minor-key concerto…but first, let’s roll!



OK, let’s see what we can find on YouTube…and, here it is. Enjoy the Concerto No. 1 in F minor for piano and orchestra, by Alexander Glazunov!

I have never heard this piece before, and in fact, as I write this I still haven’t, because I’m going to proceed with publishing this before I’ve even listened to the work at hand. That’s how I roll, y’all. I’ll give this a listen soon, but for now, I gotta go make more coffee.

Maybe I’ll randomize more music in the future….

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