Saturday Centus

Before I get to this week’s prompt, an apology to other participants: I’ve been lax the last two weeks on reading your own efforts. Really lax. I’ll try to do better, I promise!

And now, without ado of any kind:

This was your spot?” Molly asked. The sign above her read “Exit 181, 1/2 mile ahead.”

Her father nodded. The country highway crested here on a hill that overlooked a distant lake and the town on the other side.

“We’d come up here on July 4th and watch that town’s fireworks reflect off the lake. On our third 4th together, I proposed. You came along a year later, so we missed that one…and then we moved.” He smiled and shook his head. “Never been here since.”

They talked a while, scattered Mom’s ashes, and talked a while more…mainly of three nights on a hill.

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13 Responses to Saturday Centus

  1. Unknown says:

    Oh…how bittersweet! The fond faraway memories mixed with the pain of the present. Very, very well written. It definitely tugged at my heartstrings.

  2. Kim Lehnhoff says:

    I loved this. Very touching!

  3. Nonna Beach says:

    Very well written and a sad yet touching picture you painted here !

  4. 21 Wits says:

    So very touching.

  5. Susan Anderson says:

    Perfect, poignant spot.


  6. Dazee Dreamer says:

    That just gave me the biggest goosebumps. Very well done.

  7. noexcuses says:

    I really liked this! Sounds like we were sort of on the same wavelength! Well done!

  8. aspiritofsimplicity says:

    excellent! I love the last line. It's amazing how three nights on a hill can effect so many lives.

  9. Ames says:

    How sad!~Ames

  10. jfb57 says:

    Brilliant! I love how much you got into this 100 words. So much story!

  11. cj Schlottman says:

    Thanks for this gentle and sweet little story. You have a real talent for saying a great deal in so few words.


  12. Rinkly Rimes says:

    A gentle little memorial. Thank you.

  13. Jenny says:

    This was poignant and beautiful. Would you mind penning my eulogy (well in advance I hope!)?

    I could really envision this whole scene playing out in my mind.

    I'm thinking we may have to try a screenplay prompt one of these days.

    Great link.

    PS. I actually read these as a treat. Usually on Sunday afternoon, outside by the garden. Today it's a bit chilly and hummingbirds seem to be quite curious about my shiny red laptop.

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