Sentential Links #211


:: And of course, shallowly, I want to have erudite amazing dinners like that. But really, I prefer my world to theirs. Even with all the badness in it–1981 was not a bad-free year. Even with everything, I do not want their sixties, or their world.

:: I don’t live near the ocean, but I do live just a few blocks away from a Great Lake which sure as heck looks like an ocean because it goes on forever. Well, at least to Cleveland. (New blog to me, yay!)

:: There’s something about this quote that I find encouraging. Be you, with your own distinctive dash, with every step you take. That, in a nutshell, is your life’s work. Go forth.

:: So that’s my only real complaint about the costume–you’ve taken one of the more colorful characters in one of the more colorful universes, and turned her into–

–a woman all in black fighting a bunch of guys in gray suits against a gray background.

Woo. Hoo. (I don’t hate the new Wonder Woman costume, but this is an interesting objection.)

:: I reproduce here this panel in isolation because I thought you’d all want to see, in as much detail as possible, the moment when the good drugs kicked in. See how Jenna’s eyes are bugging out?

:: Got me thinking though. What was the first movie I saw that didn’t have a happy ending?

:: I’m not ashamed of much when it comes to reading. And while I submit to the current usage of the term ‘guilty pleasure’ and use it myself, it doesn’t really fit. (I love this attitude and subscribe to it myself. Why should I feel quilty about liking something? That said…I’m not sure how Barry Manilow’s “I Write the Songs” got on my MP3 player. I should delete that…sometime….)

More next week!

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2 Responses to Sentential Links #211

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    you listen to Barry Manilow? I'm shoiicked, SHOCKED!

    OK, not really.

    BTW, I Write the Songs was written by Bruce Johnston of the Beach Boys, not Manilow.

  2. Blue Tyson says:

    Actually, Brackett is in print


    Paizo, Baen, Haffner, Gollancz, etc.

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