Sentential Links #213


:: In 1998, Krissy decided that we should have a dog. This precipitated a philosophical discussion between the two of us as to what constituted a “dog.” Krissy, whose family had had a number of smaller dogs over the years, was inclined toward something in the shih tzu or maltese direction of things. I, however, steadfastly maintained that if one is going to own a dog, then one should get a dog — a large animal, identifiably related to the wolves whose DNA they shared, who could, if required, drag one’s unconscious ass out of a fire. (It’s a long post about a dog. Which means that by the end of it, your eyes will be producing some kind of odd salty discharge, so be warned. Condolences to the Scalzi family on the loss of Kodi; and I’ve often wondered why the Scalzis only have one child thus far, and this post provides a small answer with which I can relate all too readily.)

:: I’ve been writing professionally for 15 years, and particularly since 9/11 I have tried, when circumstances allow, to make this an underlying theme in my work: that Muslims and Christians can live together, that there is more that unites us than divides us, that it is only the extremists on both sides who want to see a Clash of Civilizations, and not co-existence, rule the day. (Amazing post that relates history to today in a powerfully personal way. Check it out!)

And…I’m going to stop there, actually. I’d like those two to stand out, for obvious reasons. More links next week!

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