Sentential Links #248

Linkage! Sorry to be so late with this tonight. But you know, stuff happens. And so on.

:: In Field of Dreams, Annie gets to be a dreamer, too.

:: If you saw this building in Miami you’d shrug, but in Buffalo it stands out.

:: We shouldn’t make the mistake of turning Jack into a hero though. Not in Black Pearl at least. He always acts selfishly in that film; it’s just that his goals tend to align with Will and Elizabeth’s. He’s a good guy by association. And because we like him. (It’s so nice to read something about the Pirates of the Caribbean movies that isn’t written from the standpoint of “first one good, all after suck”.)

:: Here are several facts about Wildroot Cream Oil: (Wow, now there‘s a substance I haven’t thought about in many a moon!)

:: On the whole, this is another reason why music and music collecting has such a hold on me.

:: Speaking of chickens, I don’t know which is worse or more depressing- losing a hen to a hawk or keeping them in the coop all day. Why is it so important to me to have my chickens scratching about my yard? I don’t know but it just gives my heart such joy to see them.

:: In a better world, audiences would have flocked to see Serenity giving it a much larger box office and leading to a series of movies. Alas, we only got one film. But what a hell of a film. (A spoilerific appreciation of a great film!)

More next week!

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  1. Kevin J. says:

    You are much too kind, sir. I do proudly wear the title "music geek."

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