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:: I left the coffee shop, put my mini-van in reverse, a quick return to real life. But I was grounded & understood & grateful.

:: This is is going to be the year of me. It’s going to be all about busting through resistance, challenging myself, doing something fearful, and just loving myself. I’m not going to make resolutions, because in the years that I did, I didn’t get there. I’m making statements.

:: After I explained it this way, my friend said, “So, it’s just like life.”



:: Faith is strong in the hearts of men,
who depend on the weak to make them strong.

:: The Beatles are a sacred cow. Criticism still tends to bring on shrieks of outrage. I happen to think they are great enough to be able to take the criticism. Nothing can shake their place in the culture. They’ll be fine.

:: I breezed through that course with an A and a light went off in my head – there’s gold in them thar hills. Writing comedy might just be a more lucrative skill than alphabetizing.

More next week!

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