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:: It is an icky story. And I can’t help wonder if 30 black and/or Hispanic kids had broken into someone’s house if there would be as much “kids will be kids” reaction among some.

:: Will bringing it all back somehow allow me to let go of the past? (This is quite a question. I do not know. This blog belongs to one of my favorite Instagrammers, by the way. Instagram is a lot of fun!)

:: The phrase “Where’s my jet pack?” has become an American idiom of late. It reflects the disappointment in the mid-century Utopian promises of technology. Walt Disney was among the top perpetrators of the hype. His forays into documentaries and comic books featured glowing predictions for scientific progress which seem overly optimistic from the vantage point of 2013. (Have you ever ‘ridden’ the Carousel of Progress at Disneyworld? There’s perhaps no better illustration of this philosophy in action than that attraction.)

That being said, a bit of blind faith in the wonders of technology is a healthy thing. As we stand and watch NASA defunded and a super-collider shut down, we lose a little hope. We lose a little enthusiasm for what tomorrow brings.

:: But you wanna talk about something that looks good on a resume? Emmy winner is right up there with “former Prince of Liechtenstein.”

:: Can I sit on a manuscript for a month before I hack at it? Well, no. But I can wait a few days, and that my friends, is pretty darn amazing. (I’m waiting three months. And it’s killing me.)

:: Books- A journey disguised as a small paper filled with wonderful words. A time capsule. A portal of wonderment.

More next week!

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  1. Earl says:

    Understand the past. Call it what it is. Assign responsibility. That is how you let go. So many people think a mothers unconditional love is a universal absolute.

    Many of us grew up with emotional zombies.

    I have so many short comings. But I am a successful dad as long as my kids know I give a crap.

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