Sentential Links

Linkage time!

:: You know what would be cool? Placemats that had losing presidential candidates. (Yeah, because I wanna think about Michael Dukakis when I eat!)

:: For all its archness, for all its knowingness, for all its dark and sardonic and sarcastic humor, Sherlock can be an awfully sentimental show, because one of it’s themes is the beautifully diverse and often perverse ways love takes hold of us. (I cannot comment on Lance’s post because I’ve seen the next two episodes and he has not….)

:: This is one of those stories that I hope are not true but I know that SOMEHOW those Russian numnuts found a way to contaminate a cruise ship with plague rats as some kind of Cold War experiment. (Yeah, we’re all friggin’ doomed.)

:: I have what I imagine is an annoying habit. Someone says something, and it often leads me to a song. Those references to music in my blogs are not an affectation, or looked up to be hip, it’s just THERE in my head. (Not unlike my ability to relate everything to a movie or teevee show or book quote!)

:: Every day, I will do something that scares me, at least a little, expanding my comfort zone one Fearless Act at a time. Some of these will be small and simple things that anyone can do. Others will be much more difficult. Big or small, I plan to share as many of them as possible with you. (Brand new blog, go check it out! I made contact with Brinna via Instagram and Twitter, along with a whole ton of other writers.)

:: At times like this, it’s really hard to see the progress I’ve made or even tried to make. (SamuraiFrog continues to blog unflinchingly about his battles with anxiety. I’m in his corner.)

:: At this time last year I was out of my mind. And the worst part was that I didn’t know it. It was just another day in the life as far as I was concerned. (I’m also in Sheila’s corner. I aspire to her model of uncompromising and personal writing.)

More next week!

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