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:: The Goddess wears her cloak of flowers, the earth is lush, fresh and fertile.

In my patch of the world, green and yellow dominate the landscape. Fields of golden-yellow canola sit side by side with green crops of wheat. It’s a wonderful time to slowly drive the back-roads, just taking the time to admire the vista. (One of my Instagram friends.)

:: What was the Alliance, er, network, thinking? (John Kenneth Muir is blogging his way through Firefly…as well as lots of other good stuff. Gotta remember to read him more often.)

:: A long time ago when I asked a friend, the late Leo Wilson, maitre d’ from P. J. Clarke’s and a character out of the pages of P.G. Wodehouse, what it was about Neary’s he liked so much (Neary’s is a legendary pub in midtown Manhattan), he craned his neck, jutted out his jaw, tugged and pulled at his collar like Rodney Dangerfield (all a part of his repertoire when searching for THE word), then said with a sniff and a huff, “It’s positively civilized!”

:: When I say Miller looks like Sherlock Holmes, I mean he looks like how I pictured my ideal Sherlock Holmes whose image my imagination pieced together out of Sidney Paget’s illustrations for Arthur Conan Doyle’s original stories, what I gleaned from the stories themselves, and my own wishful thinking about what I’d look like when I grew up: very tall, very lean, with a very high forehead, a very sharp nose, blue-eyed, fair-haired, and…young. (This turns out to be a repost from some months ago, but ignore that.)

:: The schedule prompts the Siren to go public with one of her deepest, most tenaciously held opinions:

Laver’s Law applies to cinema. (I am, in all honesty, not entirely sure I understand this post.)

:: No matter how many Star Wars books I’ve flipped through, I’m always coming across new-to-me behind the scenes photos. They seem to come from a never-ending fountain that bubbles with memories from the galaxy far, far away. Archives are wonderful like that. I can’t think of a treasure chest I’d like to explore more. I hope the making of the new sequel trilogy is documented to the very last detail so that 30 years from now we’ll still be seeing images we haven’t seen before.

:: And the cover copy… Sheesh! This Superman KNOWS he’s 50 years old, his powers are “supernatural” in origin, and look! He’s losing the drug war! Whatever happened to fact-checking?!

More next week!

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