She’s all grow’d up now

In one of the least surprising developments for anyone who’s been following her, Jennifer has made it official and done got engaged. I characterize this as a ‘least surprising development’ because she’s been referring to her future husband as “He Who Makes Me Smile” since pretty much the first time she revealed on Facebook that she’d been dating the guy. And when she poured out a lot of grief after the recent passing of his mother, well…the engagement is mere formality, because from what I can see, these two are already married.

And dammit, good for them!
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3 Responses to She’s all grow’d up now

  1. LC Scotty says:

    Huzzah!!! So say we all!

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    God save the Queen!

  3. JS says:


    Kelly, this is super sweet, thank you.

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