So, there’s a Person A, who is a writer and a blogger whose life and writings I’ve been following for a number of years now.

And there’s a Person B, who for some reason hates Person A and has been waging an Internet feud against Person A for years, to the point that Person B actually runs a blog devoted to attacking Person A. It’s some really creepy shit: the posts are filled with “anonymous” comments of support for Person B, each and every one of which is almost certainly written by Person B who is posing as their own crowd of supporters. The whole thing is just bizarre, and Person B is in serious need of help.

So, recently Person A posted something on social media about a particular challenge they were facing in their daily life, and I posted a reply along the lines of “Good luck, I hope it all works out!” Well, Person A’s stalker, Person B, saw my response and decided to come to my site to try to stir up whatever weird Internet feud shit is Person B’s thing. I have squashed this, but this also gives me reason to revise and update the comment settings here. For details, see the Site Disclaimer and Comments Policy page in the sidebar, over on the right. The short version is that as I did on Byzantium’s Shores, I have turned on comment moderation for all comments, all commenters here are now required to be logged in to a WordPress account, and comments close out on all posts after seven days.

I’m not in love with this policy, and I’m looking into ways of streamlining all this with a plugin or two, but for now, that’s the lay of the land.

And Person B, if you see this? Seek the help of a mental health professional. You’ve got issues, yo.

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