Some Lazy Linkage!

Just a few links to some nifty stuff seen ’round Blogistan of late:

:: Cal reports on a saloon in the Yukon that serves a cocktail with a pretty odd addition. No cocktail olive or Maraschino cherry up there, nosiree, Bob….

:: SamuraiFrog has been blogging off-and-on, and pretty bravely in my view, about his struggles with anxiety and depression. We do not, as a society, tend to appreciate nearly as much the degree to which such things are a major struggle for those who suffer them, and the degree to which they can turn what non-sufferers see as normal events into harrowing ordeals. Here’s his latest report on this. As always, I wish him the best in conquering these particular demons.

:: Roger reports on attending a taping of an NPR radio show. The show is Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, a quiz show with a live studio audience.

:: Ken Levine on being asked to do an improv scene…with Robin Williams.

:: John Scalzi went to Worldcon, and brought himself back some hardware. I’m not a big fan of the book he won the Hugo for, but as I’ve indicated elsewhere, it’s not a function of his writing but rather that it’s just not my cup of tea (being “meta-fiction” and all). But still, congratulations to him. He’s having a terrific career, and it’s interesting to recall that I first got wind of him a little over ten years ago, when a story circulated Blogistan of some blogger who had stuck his book online and then had a publisher pick it up. Now he’s winning Hugos. (Should the plural of Hugo be Hugi?)

:: Help a clown to deliver a pie to his 1000th face. I’m on board with this, obviously!

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