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Alex North’s score to the film Spartacus is considered one of the greatest of all film scores, and in film music fan circles, a nearly mythical quality has accrued around it, owing partly to the score’s lack of a great recording. In this day and age of nearly every great score being remastered and released, Spartacus has stubbornly remained unavailable except in a single-disc, truncated CD release or a bootleg recording.

Until now, that is. Varese Sarabande is releasing Spartacus on CD, via an incredibly elaborate release that involves 6 CDs, one DVD, and a hardcover book. The package is massive, and it commands a hefty price tag (it’s over $100), so I doubt I’ll be buying this. But it’s amazing news that it’s coming out at last.

In honor of that, here’s one of the finest love themes in all film music, Alex North’s love theme from Spartacus.

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  1. Lord Chlorus says:

    Wow! I share your enthusiasm for this release as well as your trepidation concerning its cost. I'd like to think that there will be a 1- or 2-disk release after the big box set has been out there awhile, but I'm not sure Varese has a history of doing that. (Of course, they themselves acknowledge that this set is their biggest undertaking to date.)

    — Dan

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