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I’m going to put Something for Thursday on hiatus as well until after Christmas, again for the same reasons: my available time for blogging and listening to music is going to take a bit of a hit in a week or so, and I’d really rather not pressure myself to post stuff out of obligation.

But speaking of obligation, I feel that I should observe the passing of a giant, Stephen Sondheim.

I am by no means an expert on Sondheim’s work, unfortunately. He’s another on a long list of names of artists whose work I need desperately to engage. But I’m familiar with some of his work, no doubt! The lyrics to West Side Story, for example…and this song, which is one of those classics that might feel like it has become something of a cliche by this point. But often you go back and listen to songs that have become cliche, and you realize why they ever lasted long enough to become that way: because they’re great.

Here is Frank Sinatra, singing Stephen Sondheim’s “Send In the Clowns”.

Thanks for the body of work, Stephen Sondheim! I’m going to listen to more of you, I promise.

“Something for Thursday” will return in several weeks!


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  1. I recommend to your readers Look, I Made A Hat and Finishing The Hat, Sondheim lyrics with PLENTY of his stories about the how and why and what makes him cringe.

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