Something for Thursday

In the course of writing Lighthouse Boy (not the actual title), I’ve been listening to more film music lately (more than usual, anyway), with a special ear for classic scores of the Golden Age. Without doubt, my favorite Golden Age film composer is Erich Wolfgang Korngold, whose music formed the backdrop for many a fine Errol Flynn adventure. Here is a suite of his score to The Adventures of Robin Hood, played live at The Proms. (My newest addition to my “Things I Gotta Do Before I Die” list is to attend a concert or two at The Proms.)

Now there’s some swashbuckling music for you!

(And as a onetime trumpet player, I was interested in one particular practice I saw here for the first time ever (it happens at the 7:28 mark, among others): the trumpeter stretches a mask of what looks like felt over the bell of the instrument. I imagine this softens the tone somewhat, muffling the trumpet without changing the instrument’s tone outright, the way a mute does. Korngold knew his way around the orchestra, that’s for sure!)

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    It certainly buckled MY swash.

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