Something for Thursday

Ralph Vaughan Williams is one of those composers who seems to exist in his own world, related to but not quite part of everything that was going on around him at the time. I often find in him a dreamy, almost otherworldly quality; there are influences, but he doesn’t really fit into any particular school of thought. His music both stands squarely in the 20th century and looks back five hundred years. His musical voice is fascinating. Here is his Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis.

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One Response to Something for Thursday

  1. Earl of Obvious says:

    Sire, I believe your site traffic would increase if you would market this section as something along the lines of 'rock and roll recovery".

    Pop music may have jumped the shark with Miley Cyrus riding the motorcycle.

    There is a hunger for sophistication especially among the younger crowd.

    Just my humble opinion but I see a niche here in the nether regions.

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