Something for Thursday

Lord, what a task moving a household is. And we’re still not done! Probably about eighty percent of our stuff has made the move, and then there’s still the cleaning to be done in the old place. It really is amazing how much dirt and dust can accumulate underneath things when they don’t move for over eleven years. (It’s also amazing that I lived in one place for eleven years. Of all the places I’ve lived, the duration spent at the last apartment is the second-longest I’ve spent at a single address, and the longest if you disqualify addresses where my “living time” was occasionally broken up by things like semesters at college.)

Anyhow, I’ll have more to say about the move in the future. For now, this is a piece of music that’s been on my mind through a lot o this process: “Building the Barn”, from the score to the film Witness, by Maurice Jarre.

We’re settling into life in our new home. In fact, as I write this, I’m sitting on the new couch we just bought. It’s the first couch that The Wife and I have bought together since…ever. Almost seventeen years of marriage, and over twenty-three years of being a couple…and we’ve finally reached the point of “Hey, we should buy a couch.” Oh well, it’s not like there’s a correct order to these things, is there?

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Moving sucks!

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