Sorry for the radio silence….

…but the latter part of last week got really busy for me. Nothing bad, but wow, did the schedule ever pack itself full of stuff. (Like seeing The Avengers…review post forthcoming….)

I should be able to get some blogging mojo going again, but for now, here’s a cute Persian kitten being fed with chopsticks.

There are people in the world who don’t think Persian kittens are cute. These people lead sad, lonely, desperate lives from which they have no escape.

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3 Responses to Sorry for the radio silence….

  1. Call me Paul says:

    Ooh, Avengers. Me so jealous. Wanted to go see that last night, but mt wife insisted we had to rent Thor first.

  2. LJB says:

    Um, Persian Kitties and Abba are two things we'll just have to agree to disagree on. (But then, I never was much of a cat person.)

  3. Kelly Sedinger says:

    But look at that little fuzzball! How can you not think that's the cutest kittie ever!!! 🙂

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