Stop the dreading!

Hey all! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend. More to come later on mine, of course, but this annoyed me greatly when I went to the Buffalo News website on Friday morning. I saw this headline, with the text right under it:

On Black Friday, forecast is for white

Southtowns, at least, are expecting 1st snow as winter makes its long-dreaded return to WNY.

The Southtowns are the suburbs south of Buffalo, as you might expect. (Thus, the location of Casa Jaquandor.) So what’s irritating about this? That qualifying phrase in the sub-head: long-dreaded.

I, for one, like snow just fine. Sure, I get tired of it in March, but I also get tired of hot weather in September but it’s fine in June. Point is, there is entirely too much hating of the snow around here, and there is entirely not enough embracing it. Every time we openly admit that we “dread” the snow, as far as I’m concerned, we’re openly admitting as a region that we really wished we were someplace else.

Well, I don’t wish I was someplace else. I like it here, snow and all, so let’s stop acting like the snow is this awful thing, OK? You know what, Buffalo? Maybe the rest of the country would stop acting as though Buffalo is a godforsaken snowy wasteland all months of the year if we stopped acting like it is too.

Snow rules. Embrace it! And those that don’t want to? Charlotte, NC beckons.

End of rant.

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1 Response to Stop the dreading!

  1. Andy says:

    HA!!!!! Being in the metro Charlotte area for the last 20 years, I LOVE some snow because EVERYTHING shuts down! I'm serious, just 1/4 of an inch will cause MASS HYSTERIA, people will start thinking that dogs and cats will start living together. It's pretty funny, especially from a kid that grew up in the 'snow belt' of WNY! The best advice for ya is to be prepared to have a case of beer and the DVD box set of the original Star Wars because ya ain't going any where……

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