Suck it, Girl Scouts!

Well, I suppose that title may be putting things a bit…strongly. And definitely rudely. Sorry about that, Girl Scouts.


Everybody loves Girl Scout Cookies, right? I know that I do. I love cookies in general, but the Girl Scout ones are special. My favorites are the Thin Mints (everybody’s favorite, I suppose) and the Coconut Samoas, those wonderfully chewy blends of fudge, caramel, and toasted coconut. Of course I’d love the Samoas, given my adoration of coconut, be it in candy bars, in cream pies, on cakes, et cetera. Even on fried shrimp.

Of course, the problem is that Coconut Samoas aren’t available year-round; you have to wait for the Girl Scouts to sell the things.

Until, that is, the fine folks at Keebler finally decided that Americans have suffered this state of affairs long enough. Behold the item I spotted quite by chance at The Store today: Keebler Coconut Dream cookies!

Dreaming of Coconut

And they are wonderful.

The best part of this? The Wife and The Daughter are both afflicted by that odd disease that renders both of them hating coconut, which means that all these cookies are belong to me. Huzzah!

:: As long as I’m babbling about junk food, here’s the latest new candy I found. These have been on the market for a few months, but they’ve been hard to come by in my neck of the woods. It’s the latest variation on the chocolate-in-a-hard-candy-shell notion: the Pretzel M&Ms.

Little colored balls of chocolatey-pretzelly goodness

They look pretty much like any other filled M&M out there, obviously. How do they taste? I like them, but your enjoyment will likely hinge on whether or not you find chocolate-covered pretzels delectable, as I do. These basically taste like little morsels of chocolate-covered pretzel, which is reasonable because that’s what they are. I won’t buy these very often, but they will be welcome at Casa Jaquandor when I feel the need for an M&M fix.

:: OK, I wasn’t going to post this here, but just to show that I’m not all about the junk food these days, here’s one of my favorite early fall treats: fresh Concord grapes. Oh my, I love these things — even with their seeds. You don’t get that kind of grape flavor from the normal red or green grapes we usually buy. Living in a grape-growing region has lots of benefits, and they’re not all in corked bottles.

The fruit of the vine

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2 Responses to Suck it, Girl Scouts!

  1. Bergie says:

    i have the coconut-avoidance affliction as well. But now the scouts will come out with something a little more "wrong" to entice. they're evil!

  2. Roger Owen Green says:

    OMG – Concord grapes! LOVE Concord grapes! And best of all, in my childhood, my grandmother's next door neighbor's house had Concord grapes growing on RIGHT ON THE HOUSE every year. And since my sister's best friend lived there…HEAVEN, I tell you, HEAVEN!

    Pro-cocoanut here, BTW.

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