Sunday Burst

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: Nifty video footage of the Atlantic Ocean Road in Norway. I’m not sure the video lives up the “OMG this road is an insane trek of DEATH!!!” that the surrounding article portrays, but it’s still a very cool-looking drive. Yes, I’d drive it!

:: Twenty lesser-known travel destinations you should see. I had to look up the first one, a lake in Iceland that the article claims straddles the boundary between Europe and North America. It turns out that this lake is a rift-valley lake, and that valley lies where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates come together. Now you know. (The other nineteen places on the list are also interesting.)

:: I’m sorry, but I read this article and all I can think is, “That poor bastard.” This young man suffered one of the most bizarre and humiliating deaths I’ve ever heard about, and to make matters worse, when he was buried, they put a marker over his grave with the manner of his embarrassing death engraved right on the stone. Wow.

:: If you always felt the prose in cookbooks was a little too nice, and you’ve been looking for something a little more, say, Jersey Turnpike-ish, here’s how to cook a f***ing steak. (Lots of salty language there.)

:: Finally, in this week’s Great Moments In Pie In The Face History, an outfielder from the Houston Astros shows up at the Sports Illustrated headquarters to dispense some kudos-in-pie-form.

More next week!

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