Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome

Oddities and Awesome abound….

:: Director Steven Soderbergh on On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

For me there’s no question that cinematically ON HER MAJESTY’S SECRET SERVICE is the best Bond film and the only one worth watching repeatedly for reasons other than pure entertainment (certainly it’s the only Bond film I look at and think: I’m stealing that shit). Shot to shot, this movie is beautiful in a way none of the other Bond films are—the anamorphic compositions are relentlessly arresting—and the editing patterns of the action sequences are totally bananas; it’s like Peter Hunt (who cut the first five Bond films) took all the ideas of the French new wave and blended them with Eisenstein in a Cuisinart to create a grammar that still tops today’s how fast can you cut aesthetic, because the difference here is that each of the shots—no matter how short—are real shots, not just additional coverage from the hosing-it-down school of action, so there is a unification of the aesthetic of the first unit and the second unit that doesn’t exist in any other Bond film. And, speaking of action, there are as many big set pieces in OHMSS as any Bond film ever made, and if that weren’t enough, there’s a great score by John Barry, some really striking sound work, and what can you say about Diana Rigg that doesn’t start with the word WOW?

Of course, regular readers will know that I am absolutely unyielding in my opinion that OHMSS isn’t just the best Bond movie, but a great movie in itself.

:: The Karate Kid 3 really isn’t a good movie — they really really really went to the well a few too many times with this concept — but there’s something kinda awesome about watching that movie’s final fight dubbed in German.

All for this week!

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