Sunday Burst of Weird and Awesome

Oddities and Awesome abound!

:: In writing yesterday’s A-to-Z post, I did a bit of looking up on stuff for the Colossal Cave game, and I found this map of the game. Great stuff (spoilers, if you’re playing or have any intention of playing it).

:: Stand-up comics have to deal with hecklers. You might think that usually a quip or two gets the job done…but not always. Some comics don’t go for the surgical strike of a quick, devastating quip. Instead, they go for incendiary explosives, followed by salting the earth above their hecklers’ dried remains so that nothing ever grows there again. (Foul language in every one of these…but if you watch any, be sure to watch Patton Oswalt’s, whose takedown of his heckler achieves a kind of poetry.)

:: I’ve been reading Carl Sagan of late, so in that spirit, here’s some wonderful astronomy. Lots more where that came from, if you’re not checking it out regularly!

More next week!

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