Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound! And some lazy linkage that’s not really odd at all.

:: Distracted by Star Wars ran a bunch of pictures yesterday, all themed around Princess Leia’s slave-girl bikini; start here and keep clicking “older”. For myself, I was always more attracted to Leia’s Ewok dress than the gold bikini, but…well, there it is.

:: Years ago a guy created an art book that also contained a puzzle with clues as to the whereabouts of a golden rabbit that he had hidden…somewhere. Here’s a fascinating article about Masquerade, the artist, the golden rabbit, and the times since the puzzle’s solving.

:: Interesting item on how pirating DVDs differs from buying them. I, too, hate unskippable crap on my discs.

:: Ever wonder what happens to retired military aircraft? Sure you did…and now you know. This is fascinating.

:: In the “Blogs you never thought the world needed but now that you see them, you realize that the world needed them all along” Department, we have Centaur-a-day, featuring daily drawings of centaurs. Really.

More next week!

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3 Responses to Sunday Burst of Weirdness

  1. Jason says:

    I was always more attracted to Leia's Ewok dress than the gold bikini

    Did you ever wonder why the Ewoks had a human-sized dress laying around for her to put on? And why did they seem to think Han and Luke would be good for dinner, but they didn't try to cook Leia too? Surely they could tell the males and females were of the same species?

    And for the record, I like her snow-bunny outfit. Not sure why, exactly, except that I've always thought Carrie filled out the pants nicely…

  2. Call me Paul says:

    Just a note about that Distracted by Star Wars website. I have tried to view the pictures you suggest several times, and it crashes my Firefox browser in exactly the same place every time.

  3. dadharibaap says:

    TO be honest I found the camaflouge uniform on endor the best.

    I’ve always had a problem with the scene where the ewok wicket meets leia.

    While leia was unconcious it seemed rather bizarre that wicket just waits for her to wake up.

    Another strange thing would be the ewok being far from the village alone with all the threats at that time on endor.

    Worst yet was them giving leia a human dress, I wonder what would have made them have her change into it. The ewoks wouldn’t have an attraction for a female human anymore then a female human would for an ewok.

    A more credible scene, would have had wicket pointing the spear at Leia. Leia wakes up takes off her Helmet to reassure wicket, as the net drops on her. The other ewoks would all swarm her with their spears pointed at her. The Ewoks tie her hand and foot to a pole. She is taken back to the village hanging from the pole in a similar fashion to that of Hans Solo, Luke Skywalker chewbacca and R2D2. At the village in endor she would be waiting anxiously making comments in the predicament as the others in the same predicament come by and placed next to her. They would have a trash compactor on the death star like dialogue for the scene.

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