Sunday Burst

Strange things are afoot, Watson!

:: Dude is getting married, and creates e-mail list to keep his buddies apprised of wedding plans. A typo results in a complete stranger being on the list. The stranger comes clean. The stranger ends up getting invited anyway.

:: I may have linked this before and forgotten to delete the link from my bookmarks, but it’s still an interesting article: you know that pint glass that is the dominant piece of glassware for beer drinking these days? Apparently it’s awful. Or so I’m told. I still like them, but other glasses are cool, too.

:: I haven’t dug too deep to see if Stardancer turns up on Kindle Cover Disasters. Lord, I hope not…I’d hate to be in the same company as this:


(Note to self: Remove all references in current manuscript to the spaceship Intrepid Monkey.)

(Note to self: Buy the book about the adventures of the Intrepid Monkey.)

More next week!

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1 Response to Sunday Burst

  1. fillyjonk says:

    When I was in high school, one of the English classes had us writing parodies (so did my brother's school, five years later and in a different state). I remember the "covers" we made for our parody/pastiches (mine was Oedipus done in vaguely Monty Python style, my brother's was a send-up of Hamlet), we made weird collages of stuff (I remember his had a cut-out of the Kool-Aid man on it).

    This reminds me of those.

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