Super Thoughts

Wow, what an awful game. We haven’t seen an out-and-out blowout in a number of years, have we? Remember what it felt like, back when the Super Bowl was an annual ass-kicking? This was quite the throwback — it was even an NFC team beating up on the Denver Broncos!

Random thoughts:

:: I’m a Peyton Manning fan, so I was hoping he’d go out and have an indisputably great game, just to silence everybody. I figured that if he ended up losing, it would likely be the Denver defense that did him in. I honestly did not figure that Manning would look as bad as he did yesterday. It was painful at times, watching him play. His passes weren’t accurate, they didn’t have much zip, and he looked panicky. It was really pretty shocking. This is the first time that I have ever seen a Super Bowl where the very first play from scrimmage actually set the tone for the entire game. Amazing.

:: I was also rooting for the Broncos because I don’t like Pete Carroll or Marshawn Lynch. But I don’t dislike those guys enough to hate the entire team or anything like that, so I’m not heartbroken, here. Seattle has a heck of a team, and given their youth, who knows where they go from here? Maybe back!

:: The game’s musical offerings were excellent. Renee Fleming did a wonderful national anthem, I always love seeing Queen Latifah (she is just amazing), and I even found halftime enjoyable. I’m not a Bruno Mars fan, but I don’t hate him, either — his music is pleasant in that way of not really making me want to change the radio station when he comes on.

:: Troy Aikman and the rest of the commentators were sort of annoying. I loved — and by “loved”, I mean, “hated” — all the various commentaries about “How can the Broncos get back into this game?” They all went into lengthy explanations and such, when the answer was pretty simple: They needed to score points, and lots of ’em.

:: Oh, commercials? As usual, I paid no attention to them, except for a couple. I loved the Coke commercial with “America the Beautiful” in all those languages, and I’m saddened (but not shocked) to see the knuckle-draggers in our society attacking it because “In America you speak English!” or some such nonsense. Like I tweeted: If you were offended by that ad, you are a person I do not wish to know.

:: One last thing: The Denver loss puts their Super Bowl record at 2-5. And that means that the Buffalo Bills no longer hold a share of “Most Super Bowls lost”. So yay, us!

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  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    True, but the Bills are 0-4. Which I must say is more impressive than being 0-0 or 0-1; they GOT there 4 times.

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