The answer is “No.”

And the question is, Will you be watching the debate?

Even if this was any kind of “normal” election year, I wouldn’t watch debates, because I decided years ago–2000, in fact–that political debates are a complete and utter waste of time, and that if you as a citizen really need the theatrical experience of a debate to decide who gets your vote, then you are a bad citizen because you clearly have not done one ounce of work to figure out (a) what you believe the direction of the country should be, (b) what kind of government we should have, and therefore (c) which candidate(s) are obviously best suited to providing the results you have determined you want by processing items (a) and (b) above. I literally cannot fathom the idea of sitting down to watch a debate because you are genuinely undecided, and that’s in a normal year.

This year, if you’re undecided, I’d almost honestly rather you didn’t vote at all.

Since I reject debates as a tool for deciding between candidates, that reduces them to basically little more interest than a sporting event, and there are plenty of those around. Thus, no, I will not be watching any debates. At all. I don’t need to listen to two hours of 45 spouting complete and utter nonsense to figure this out.


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