Things that may make me a bad person

Am I bad person if…

…I log into Facebook and discover that I have so many various “requests” piled up that I end up going through and clicking “Ignore” on most of them, not because they bug me in any way, but because each one then makes you go through each application individually? (I always feel like I’m letting down people on my “Friends” list when I do this.)

…I discover that occasionally someone who lives somewhat near Casa Jaquandor has apparently set up a wireless router without securing it, and thus allow my laptop to connect with it and use their Net connection to check my e-mail and read my way about Blogistan? (Apropos of this xkcd comic? I feel vaguely guilty about this.)

…I keep hearing about how Windows Vista is Teh Suck and yet can’t understand why, since my Vista laptop is just fine and I love it and would push an old lady out of the way in order to save it from a fire? (Again, apropos of xkcd — but why is Vista so apparently hated? I’ve had nothing but a good time with it.)

…I discover that something I’d wanted at the store is out of stock, but then later on while on the same trip I see what mush have been the last one in somebody’s shopping cart, so I boost it when they’re not looking? (No, I’ve never done this. I just felt like throwing in a Number Four.)

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5 Responses to Things that may make me a bad person

  1. JPDeni says:

    With the Facebook thing, I had so many requests that I just deleted my account. It saved a lot of hassle.

    I’ve not used Vista, but then I only tend to get about every third operating system upgrade and I already have XP.

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    I only got Vista because it came installed on my laptop when I bought it a year ago. But I like it. The older computer, the two-year-old desktop, runs XP. That computer will likely last into whatever the next OS happens to be.

  3. Roger Owen Green says:

    Re: Facebook I have many requests for things I just don’t understand, like planting flowers. I don’t really know how it works, and I’m too busy to find out. Worse, I think I’m supposed to reciprocate in some way; hasn’t happened yet.

    Seriously, though: captcha is grail. Yes, another real word. Which suggests that this post IS the grail. Congrats.

  4. Tosy And Cosh says:

    I have Vista on my work computer and all the problems I have with it relate to how reliable it is, not the actual functionality, which I love (especially the new 2007 Office programs, which are a great improvement). But my system is VERY slow to boot up and down and VERY prone to slow downs and freezes. If you don’t have these issues, then, yep, VIsta is great.

  5. Punning Pundit says:

    Vista works something like this:

    On an computer Built in 2007 or later, it runs fine.

    On a computer built in 2006 earlier, Vista blows.

    When MS released Vista in January 2007 and started selling it to people with computers built in 2005…

    There were problems.

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