Third Party Madness

One maddening thing about every single Presidential election cycle is the inevitable cries of “We need a third party!” I always find this concept generically annoying, not because I’m in love with my own party (believe me, there have been many times when I wanted to junk-punch the Democratic Party and/or some of its component parts), but because the two-party system is simply baked into our political system. No, the system wasn’t designed for only two major parties, and the Founding Fathers didn’t especially want only two major political parties, but you can’t always foresee the future, and this is what we got: a system that by its very nature allows only two major parties.

This is all explained very effectively by blogger Christoper Bird, who is very astute about American politics. (This is interesting because he’s Canadian. Oh, and that blog is something of a group effort, but he’s the Big Cheese there and posts as MGK.)

So, first this (it’s a slideshow, so you’ll have to, well, slide your way through it):

And then, as follow-up, this (just normal scrolling now):

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