Unidentified Earth 21

Well, well, well! It seems that either I’ve come up with a stumper, or no one’s following this series anymore…anyway, Unidentified Earth 20 has gone as yet unidentified, with only one guess offered. Tsk, tsk, tsk. I suppose I should offer a hint, so…it is in the Middle East.

Ah well, the show goes on; time for the next puzzler.

Where are we? Rot-13 your guesses, please!

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4 Responses to Unidentified Earth 21

  1. SK Waller says:

    Gur Nanfnmv pyvss qjryyvatf ng Zrfn Ireqv.

  2. Seamus says:

    Nhfgenyvn’f Terng Oneevre Errs?

  3. Seamus says:

    Cnanzn pnany

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fgbar Zbhagnva Trbetvn?, fnj n ernyyl pbby ynfre fubj ba gur 4gu bs Whyl gurer bapr gubhtu fbzrbar sbetbg gb gryy gurz gur Abegu jba.

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