Who the heck IS John Dory, anyway?

Spoiler thoughts from Hell’s Kitchen! Mouseover to read.

:: Holli and Jay go together like fig newtons and scrambled eggs. What an awful couple!

:: The “teach a clod to cook” challenge is entertaining. Autumn sucks, though. So does Ben — and Ben’s a culinary instructor! He can’t teach, he can’t lead, and he’s a douche.

:: Riding the Goodyear Blimp — how cool would that be! I’d love to ride a blimp.

:: I got a kick out of Ben and Autumn’s punishment for losing the challenge — they had to do maintenance tasks, like fixing wobbly tables and changing light bulbs and the like. Stuff that I do in my day job. I’d have had Jean-Phillippe’s list done in an hour!

:: Dinner service: Nothing really new. Autumn’s a sneaky clod, who won’t own up when she blunders. Ben stops talking. Jay’s a skilled, but arrogant, goof in blue hair. Holli just keeps on plugging, even through the rough spots. Rooting for Holli, but Jay might be the completest of the packages available for Ramsay to choose from.

:: Jay nominates Ben and Autumn, which sounds right, but also looks fishy because of his relationship with Holli. This is the clear reason why workplace relationships can be disastrous at times! Be careful, people!

:: Nobody goes home…heartwarming reunion with loved ones…gotta be a twist coming soon here….

:: Don’t show me Ben’s kid! I can’t hate him when he’s being all human and stuff!

:: The father of Holli’s kid — she seems to really have a thing for doughy guys, doesn’t she!

:: Two chefs will exit the show next week. Who knows!

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