You learn something every day!

Whilst on break at The Store today, we observed our coffee bar employee making a smoothie that looked particularly tasty. When we asked her what flavor it was, she told us, “Peach and raspberry. It’s a Peach melba”. This got us on the topic of the word “melba”. What does that mean? Is there a flavor called “melba” that pairs particularly well with peach? And is this flavor any relation at all to those little slices of dried bread, called “melba toast”?

So in a moment of downtime later on, we did some Googling and found out that in the late 1800s, there was an opera singer — a soprano — named Dame Nellie Melba. Apparently Dame Melba had quite the career, and she was especially beloved in her native Australia, as she was that country’s first international music superstar. A French chef invented four foods in her honor, including a dessert called “Peach Melba”, and, believe it or not,  Melba toast (which he created for her during a time of illness, when her diet was restricted).

Here is what Dame Nellie Melba looked like:

And there you have it. There really was a person named Melba, much beloved in the musical realm in her time, but whose name lives down to us today in culinary terms.

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3 Responses to You learn something every day!

  1. Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness says:

    She 'invented' Melba Toast? No, she toasted bread and cut it into smaller pieces and let those dry out. It's not a unique food…it's neglect.

  2. Andy says:

    HEY!!! I work with a Melba but she is a FLIPPIN' IDIOT!!!! Your Melba sounds YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!!!

  3. M. D. Jackson says:

    Thank you, Jaquandor, for this edifying epistle.

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