Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

Here’s something different, at least as far as Christmas music goes: a string quartet by Arcangelo Corelli, which was apparently composed “for the night of Christmas”. Corelli lived from 1653 to 1713, putting him slightly earlier than JS Bach (they overlapped, but Bach was born when Corelli was 32), so this is a fairly well-known composition from the Baroque period. I always mean to listen to more string quartets, and somehow I never do. I really must get off my arse about this….

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One Response to Your Daily Dose of Christmas!

  1. David says:

    Hair color may have a correlation with choosing to listen to string quartets. A member of the Guarneri Quartet had a rather unsettling revelation as a twenty-something; as he walked out on stage he noticed that the audience was a sea of grey hair. “Are the consumers of my chosen profession about to die out?” he wondered. Forty years later, he found the audiences were still grey.

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