Your Daily Dose of Christmas

Diabetics should not watch this abridged episode of The Brady Bunch.

Yeah, I warned you. If you’re writhing about on the ground from a case of insulin shock, don’t blame me.

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3 Responses to Your Daily Dose of Christmas

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I never watched The Brady Bunch, ever, in its first run. I must be getting soft in the head. That was kinda…sweet.

  2. Lynn says:

    That was wonderful. I'll never make fun of The Brady Bunch again. (Well… maybe I shouldn't say "never".)

  3. Kelly Sedinger says:

    The first year or two, The Brady Bunch played it pretty straight. It didn't start getting campy and weird until a couple of years in. Unfortunately, that's also what everybody remembers from the show.

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