A bit of Fine Mockery, on this lovely morning

I really try to avoid making fun of the religious beliefs of others, generally…but the works of bad art that they produce in the expression of those beliefs? Well, those are fair game. After watching with equal measures amusement, horror, and revulsion all 140 seconds of this trailer, I looked up the movie, out of curiosity as to its running time. Imagine sitting through all 101 minutes of this thing…but then, I doubt very much that the target audience for this would be sitting the entire time. At some point they have to gyrate out of their seats and writhe in the aisles.

(For the record, my first suppressed belly-laugh came at the :35 mark. You’ll see why. (The belly-laugh was suppressed because it’s early and the family is still sleeping.))

(Yes, this is snarkier content than I usually indulge on this site, but…really, what other possible response to this can there be?!)


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