Where to Find Me on Social Media

As I write this (late November 2022), the social-media landscape is undergoing some turmoil, brought on by the weird flounderings of one Lord Elon of the House of Musk, First of His Name, His Highest and Mightiest, Savior of the Universe, King of the Impossible, He’ll Save Every One Of Us. I’ve no idea, nor does anyone else, what will become of Twitter in the next few months or year, but a lot of new-ish services are popping up all over in hopes of filling an anticipated vacuum. This is resulting in a lot of consternation online, as the social media landscape has remained pretty stable since the late 2000s. I, though, remember the early 2000s…and even before, when Usenet newsgroups and bulletin boards gave way to blogs and then there was MySpace and the early Facebook (which was sufficiently different from Facebook as it is now as to be considered completely different) and finally, Twitter.

And who knows, maybe all of this will breathe some life back into blogs!

Meanwhile, here is the current rundown of where I can be found on social media, keeping in mind that this site right here will always be my main base of online operations. Until I reach a point in life where I cannot own and maintain this space, I’ll be right here.

::  Then there’s my newsletter, which I hope you’ll all sign up for! Now, I haven’t heard anything at all, but…Revue, my newsletter service, is owned by Twitter, so I’m paying close attention to that situation. I do not mirror newsletter content here, so if you read the newsletter you’ll get stuff you won’t get here!

::  am still on Twitter! For now I plan to watch as the ship goes down or (more likely) just turns into a beat-up old wreck that steams around in circles. This is open to change, of course, depending on how unpleasant Lord Elon (Blessed Be His Name!) makes things over there.

::  One of the “new” kids on the block–which has been around for several years, but is seeing a new burst of interest as Elon Musk continues to make Twitter worse and worse–is Mastodon. I have no deep understanding of that site yet, but it is a bit on the “counterintuitive” side, so if you go there, give yourself some time. I don’t understand all of it, myself; it’s decentralized with several servers and I honestly don’t know what all of that means. I just showed up and started posting.

::  Another that’s very new is Hive Social. This one is, thus far, mobile-only. My user name there is “Jaquandor”.

::  I continue to love Instagram, even if the people running it keep screwing it up by pushing it farther and farther away from the thing that made everybody love it in the first place: photos from people you follow, shown chronologically. I’m still a fan, though.

::  Speaking of photos, there’s also Flickr.

::  I do have a TikTok account, which I am current using to force myself, in a blunt-force trauma kind of way, to get more comfortable with making video content. I don’t know that I’ll ever be a natural at it, but if I can become less-obvious awkward, that’ll be a win!

::  I have a Tumblr that I also use sporadically. I’m interested to see if Tumblr has a resurgence, though!

::  I have a Facebook page to which I very rarely post because Facebook has made getting your Page posts seen without paying them to actually show them to people almost impossible. I often think “I should do more with the Facebook page!”, and then I…don’t. (A Facebook page is not the same thing as a standard Facebook profile. You don’t “friend” a page, you just follow it or you don’t.)

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