Answers, the fourth!

OK, I need to pick up the pace a little bit here….

Continuing with Roger’s queries:

How many copies of the Orson Scott Card’s Superman comic will you be buying. I KNOW you’re his biggest fan. 😉

Heh. Clearly Roger already knows the answer to this: Zero, nada, zip, zilch. No way, not in a million years, never. In that order.

Not one penny will ever find its way from my pocket to Orson Scott Card’s, so long as it’s within my power to prevent it. Heh!

If you are selected pope: will you serve, and if so, what will your philosophy be?

Another one that I can answer briefly: I would sell off all of the Vatican’s art treasures to museums around the world, and give the proceeds to the victims of the church’s pedophile priests. I would also order the release of any and all documents involving that scandal to the world’s law enforcement agencies. And if, after doing those things, I hadn’t been poisoned or shot, I would immediately resign.

Fracking: economic boon, or ecological disaster in the making?

Both, which is what’s so damned scary about it. We know what happens to the Earth when we massively produce energy using fossil fuels. Why we’re not throwing as much effort as humanly possible into developing as many clean-energy production technologies we can, is utterly beyond me. I do not think that history is going to speak well of the era in which we are living. We have our collective heads in the sand, and I find it extraordinarily disturbing.

OK, those were depressing. Where’s a flying pie when you need one?!

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3 Responses to Answers, the fourth!

  1. Kal says:

    So you are saying that I am not an evil person for never reading Ender's Game? Card is like Ayn Rand for me. I have no interest in what he has to teach or tell me because he a loon. Way to go DC comics. Why not just resurect Hitler and have him take over Batman for awhile, oh wait, you already did that and his name is Grant Morrison. Gah!

  2. Kelly Sedinger says:

    Cal: You're fine for me. I started Ender's Game and stopped years ago, because it just didn't grab me. I filed it away for years, intending to get back to it…but meantime, I found out what a lout Card is. After that…I ditched the book. Either sold it or gave it to the library. Either way, Card is dead to me.

  3. Roger Owen Green says:

    Resign as Pope? Popes don't resign, do they?

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