Ask Me Anything!

Ask Me Anything!

Yup, folks, it’s February, which means that it’s time once again for Ask Me Anything!, wherein I throw open the doors to all comers who may wish to pose questions of goofy sort, or serious sort, or any kind of sort you can imagine. All questions and queries are welcome, so bring ’em on! This is your chance, folks!

Questions may be left in comments to this post, or if you prefer, you can certainly e-mail me (jaquandor AT gmail DOT com). Or send ’em via Facebook. Or Tweet ’em at me (make sure to put the ‘@jaquandor’ thing in there, or I’ll never see it). Or even in comments on Flickr, if you like. Lots of options here to make things easy.

I’ll have more to say about it later in the month, but February 2012 marks ten years I’ve been blogging, so let’s make this iteration of Ask Me Anything! a real hootenanny! (Or a lollapalooza. Or a shindig. Whichever.)

So…Ask Me Anything!

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12 Responses to Ask Me Anything!

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    I'll have more later – been saving them up – but a time-sensitive question:

    Who wins the Super Bowl, why, and why exactly do you dislike Tom Brady so?

  2. Call me Paul says:

    Corduroy overalls, yea, or nay?

    Also, denim, deep blue, or faded?

  3. Aaron Johnson says:

    As a very slow reader (I started reading Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy in October and am just nearing the end. And, that is a pretty good pace for me), with a decent sized list of books on the "need to get to" list, should I add the Song of Ice and Fire series?

    Krista and I are just finishing up the first season of the HBO adaptation, and have loved it, but it feels like so much is missing.

  4. Bill says:

    Have you kept up your chops? Do you play anything besides trumpet?

  5. Andy says:

    I have noticed when I wear my overalls that I get A LOT of people doing a 'double take' when they see me. Does this happen to you as well????

  6. Roger Owen Green says:

    I asked this of a returning blogger, but I'd like your take as well:

    Your specific analysis of the 4 GOP candidates for President (and any of the dropouts if you want). Positive/negative traits, whether your opinion of them has improved or declined since the campaign has started. How you think each would fare against Obama, and who you think each would pick as a VP candidate.

  7. Roger Owen Green says:

    1. There's that woman from 2 Broke Girls that you and SamuraiFrog seem to…enjoy. I don't get it. I mean she's got big…she's well-endowed, but her face has a hardness I find singularly unappealing.

    Oh, and do you think that beauty is tied to the role one plays. That woman from Castle you like was in an episode of The Closer four or five years ago as a young Russian woman, forced into prostitution. But in Castle, she's strong, which, I think, makes her WAY more attractive. Thoughts?

    And where the heck is ROWR?

    2. Why, do you suppose, that Tea Party folks support the economic policies of the rich when it is not, IMO, in their own best interest?

    3. The 20th Century was clearly the American century. What will the 21st be?

  8. Roger Owen Green says:

    4. How many of the Oscar-nominated films have you seen? Which, if any, do you want to win, and which will win?]

    5. What is something you often do without realizing that you’re doing it? (I'm a hummer.)

    6. Where are you on your faith/God/how the universe works journey?

    That MAY be it. Unless I think of something else!

  9. Roger Owen Green says:

    An addendum to one of the questions: somebody put out a list of "Celebrities" who are sometimes considered attractive, but are NOT (imho) – care to comment? (Dennings is on the list, BTW).

  10. Charlie says:

    Imagine you were called upon to recast the Star Wars movies, for some reason. Who would your picks be?

  11. Roger Owen Green says:

    Should civil rights issues such as gay marriage be decided by the courts, the legislature or by plebiscite, and why?

  12. popeyemoon says:

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