Drew versus Peyton

I was right! And my final score picks were in the neighborhood, surprisingly enough. Huzzah!

I’m probably going to be rooting for the Colts, although a Saints win won’t bother me all that much if it happens. My general inclination is to pick the Colts on the basis of experience and the fact that the Saints combine awesome offense with a bend-but-don’t-break style of defense, which isn’t a combination that tends to serve teams well in the Super Bowl. (Just ask the Buffalo Bills.)

I didn’t watch the AFC Championship Game, figuring it would be the lesser of the two games (watched Attack of the Clones instead), but I watched most of the NFC Championship. For all the usual worship of Brett Favre, I thought he looked worse and worse as the game went on, which is usual for aging quarterbacks. His throws looked more and more forced, but even I thought that maybe he’d keep his unshakable faith in his own superhuman status under wraps by the time the Vikings had the ball in field goal range with the twenty seconds on the clock in a tied game. No dice; Favre made a move that is classic Favre, and not just from the NFC title game two years ago, either. He threw a pass that everybody on Planet Earth knew he shouldn’t even consider attempting, and it got intercepted. The Saints forced OT, and then drove for the winning field goal themselves. After the pick, Brett Favre never touched the ball again.

So now, the two weeks until the Super Bowl. Otherwise known as “Yawn Week” in the NFL. Not even the stunt of having the Pro Bowl next weekend can make this week interesting. But maybe we can get an early jump on the 2010 edition of “Will Favre play next year or not!”, which is always wild, whacky fun!

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2 Responses to Drew versus Peyton

  1. Roger Owen Green says:

    Good picking there on the scores of the games. Gotta go with the Saints, emotionally. They've never won – and Indy has – and the city could use the emotional boost.

  2. Lynn says:

    I cannot express how happy I am about the outcomes of both games. I have been hoping for a Saints-Colts Superbowl all season. I am definitely routing for the Saints. I have family in New Orleans, I like New Orleans (well, at least I like the idea of New Orleans) and I like the Saints right now. But I also like the Colts and I think Peyton Manning might be my new favorite quarterback so I won't be upset if they win.

    I used to really like Favre. I still want to like him but he keeps making it harder and harder. He's not as much fun to watch anymore. Those risky passes were one thing that made him fun to watch but only if they pay off when it's important. I'm thinking that he will play one more season in the hope that his career won't end on an interception but it will anyway. Either that or he will play until he gets a career ending injury or no one will let him play anymore.

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