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During the glory days of the Buffalo Bills, when the team was dominating the AFC and then losing the Super Bowl each year (1990-1993), some of the more superstitious fans suggested that the Bills’ problems in the Super Bowl stemmed from their uniforms. In the first Super Bowl, which they lost by a single point when Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal with ten seconds left, the Bills wore their white “road” jerseys. In the next three Super Bowls, though, the Bills wore their blue “home” jerseys — and were blown out in each game. Obviously, then, the team should wear the white whenever they get back to the Big Game. (For my part, I think they should try going to the Super Bowl with a good defense, something which they lacked in all four of their Super Bowl appearances.)

Why do I bring this up? Because when the 2002 season kicks off, the Bills will be sporting new uniforms. They can be seen here.

I liked the old uniforms better, to be honest. That said, I do like the new home jersey (although it looks a lot like the Denver Broncos’ home jerseys, with red substituted for orange in the side-stripe). The road jersey, however, leaves me cold. It looks too much like the Tennessee Titans’ uniforms, a look which I don’t like. Oh, well. At least they didn’t change the team colors to some horrible non-football scheme, like, oh, teal and orange (sorry, Dolphins).

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