According to not one but two bloggers — Lynn Sislo and Steph Waller — this blog is Excellent! Ha! In your face, Flanders! But now I have to identify some other “Excellent” blogs, and here’s the thing: they all stink. Ha! I’m the only one!

OK, I’m kidding there. Here are some real nominations. (I’ll avoid any common nominations, but I’ll note that of the blogs on Lynn’s and Steph’s lists than I know, they are, in fact, excellent. I’ll also not nominate those who nominated me, although both Lynn and Steph are excellent with a capital X.)

:: In terms of blogging, Sir Matthew Jones the Indestructible, who blogs at A Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, is like one of those comatose people who slumbers for a year or more and then awakes for a few days, talks constantly about anything and everything, and then goes dormant once again. (This is because he’s got one of them “important jobs” and a “social life”, enemies numbers One and Two for regular blogging.) He’s currently enjoying a burst of blogging activity, so if you’re into first-class geekitude, get thee hence. (Matt and I have known each other since fifth grade, way back in 1981, so aside from my direct family members, I’ve known him longer than anybody.)

:: Angela Martini is hard to pin down. She is an illustrator who lives in New York City, and she spreads her content over multiple websites, some of which are infrequently-updated blogs and some of which are not. She’s most active on Flickr, though, and her posting regularity there, combined with her own comment on her photos, is very blog-like. She’s a lovely person, she wears overalls, and I’m supremely jealous of her hair. (Yeah, I said it. Many a photo she’s posted makes me think, “Wow, I wonder how I get my hair to do that!” A good example is here.)

:: Jeff of Psychosomatic Wit is a guy who really puts his heart out there, for all to see. His type of blogging takes a bit of bravery to do. (He’s also in a rough spot right now, which had been a long time coming and which had been hoped by all of his regular readers to not be coming at all.

:: Another terrific source of high-quality geekitude, Jason at Simple Tricks and Nonsense always brings the goods. Sometimes we agree on stuff, sometimes we don’t.

:: Blue Girl in a Red State mostly writes short-and-sweet posts: small glimpses into a life that all add up, the more you read.

:: The Sheila Variations is the kind of blog I wish this one could be, if I was a bit more fearless in my posting and a hell of a lot better read.

:: All Things Jennifer is a Buffalo blog that’s the kind of thing I most like to read: it’s about someone living their life in Buffalo. Not a whole lot of “Here’s why New York State/Erie County/City of Buffalo politics are Teh Suck”, just a whole lot of life.

:: What I said about All Things Jennifer? Ditto for Erin Go Blog.

That’s all the ones I’m picking for now. But there are tons that I could choose, and I probably will, next time this thing rolls ’round again!

(Image of Montgomery Burns snagged from here, after a Google image search)

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  1. Erin says:

    Aw, thanks! 😀

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, Jaquandor!! Mean that. Made my morning.

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