Gettin’ jiggy

So one of my bosses asked me if I could cut a buffalo out of a piece of wood with a jigsaw.

I said, “I dunno, I can give it a shot!” I then gave a bit of caution, because I’m not very experienced with the jigsaw. It’s not a tool I use in my daily life very often; the most I’ve used a jigsaw for is cutting plexiglass (and it’s not great at that stuff, or at least I haven’t figured out my technique, but that’s a topic for another time). I had to warn my boss that there was a good chance my resulting wooden buffalo would end up looking more like Josh Allen’s infamous potato-buffalo:

One of the offices at work had an old buffalo insignia on display (from a promotional sign we used once). I traced that onto a piece of plywood and started cutting.

And you know what? I might have a new skill!

A coworker painted them (I made two), one red, one blue. Here’s the final result, in blue.

As the experts on The Repair Shop might say, “Brilliant! I’m quite happy with that.”


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  1. Roger says:

    go, Bills!

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